It is just amazing what people think they can get away with, these days. Cameras record nearly your every move which should make it harder and harder to just brazenly steal things in public spaces without being detected, photographed, and now splashed onto TV and social media.

"It's not the matter of the value," said Red Bank Detective Sgt. Steve Hope, "it's just a matter of the fact. If it's not yours, you shouldn't take it, and he did."

Sgt. Hope describes what surveillance cameras captured on an April evening at Taco Bell.

"We had a gentleman pull in," he said. "He went inside to get some food and he had a Bronco, an older Bronco that had no doors. And the passenger seat was a gym bag with his personal belongings."

Shortly, another vehicle pulls in which looks to be a Chevy Impala. The driver must be new to parking. In a somewhat empty lot, he missed the spot next to the Bronco, backed up, and really did not do any better on his second attempt.

We get a good look at him as he gets out of the car and heads inside. He looks to be bald with a goatee wearing shorts, socks, and shower shoes. Once inside, he heads toward the restroom. At some point, he decides to take the bag he had glanced at on the way in.

In the video from inside, you can see him confirm the Bronco driver is still placing his order, then back outside, he nonchalantly grabs the bag and tosses it into his car.

"Notice him. Notice his walk. Notice what he's wearing," Sgt. Hope says. "But, also notice the lady that's on the passenger side of the vehicle, as well, because either one of those two would be a great lead."

She appears to be adjusting her makeup the entire time the suspect is inside, but she does not appear to be too surprised at the appearance of the gym bag.

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"If you have any information whatsoever, you call Crime Stoppers," Hope added. "Because it's anonymous and it helps. Because, you realize, as long as we have thieves out there, your stuff is not safe."

If you know him, you have already recognized him. Or maybe you can just put him together with his passenger or with the car? That is important information, too.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

That line is manned 24/7 and no one will ever ask for your name.