A Grundy County School Board member is facing charges after an incident late Sunday night.

According to a sheriff's office report, deputies arrested Mike Yates for aggravated domestic assault. In that report, deputies say they responded to a domestic call at Yates' home around 11:30 Sunday night.

Yates told deputies he and a female victim had been drinking and got in an argument. He said that's when she hit him in the head and he defended himself.

According to the report, the female said Yates hit and kicked her. The female victim was then taken to the hospital. Yates was arrested and taken to Grundy County Jail.

Another Grundy County Sheriff’s Office report states Yates already faced a domestic assault charge after a separate incident in December of 2015.

Channel 3 reached out to Grundy County’s director of schools, Glenda Dykes. She didn't want to comment. Channel 3 also contacted all of the Grundy County School Board members for comment.

Here are their responses:

Eric Birdwell: No answer

LeBron Coffelt: No comment

Chris Grooms: No answer

Phillip Hawk: No answer

Phyllis Lusk: No answer

Gary Don Melton: No comment

Reuban Newsome: No comment

Chris Snyder: No comment

Mike Yates: No answer

Finally, Channel 3 also reached out to Yates on Wednesday for a statement. We didn't receive a response.

According to the Grundy County court, Yates is set to appear in court for the charge on July 11.

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