It's another record-breaking travel day, according to AAA.

This year more than 41 million Americans will travel near and far this weekend and they say July 3rd will be the most traveled day.

Rhea County has the lowest gas prices in Tennessee and Hamilton County is a close second.

Travel experts are saying this is one of the reasons why so many people are deciding to head out of town for the holiday.

“In those larger areas you're going to see travel time is from 2 to 4 times longer than normal,” said Tamra Johnson with AAA.

The average gas price for the state is $2.45 per gallon. That's 17 cents lower compared to last year. 

The state average in Georgia is $2.56.

All of the North Georgia counties have the lowest gas prices in the state with only a few pennies difference. 

Now, it seems like every holiday is becoming a record-breaking travel day, but Johnson explains there are many factors that contribute to the increase.

“Where the holiday actually falls this year allows for more travels to spend a little bit more additional time at their destination,” said Johnson.

Johnson says more people have the money to spend on vacations with friends and family.

During this time many people will pop fireworks.

Doctor Sarah Combs with Children’s National says it's best not to participate instead, watch from a distance.

“More than 50% of firework injuries to children have been in spite of parental supervision,” said Combs.

This year, there's a new law for all Tennessee drivers, that have been in effect for a while in Georgia. That's the hands-free law designed to help curb distracted driving.

Channel 3's Consumer Technology Reporter Jamey Tucker says it's still better not to use your phone at all while you drive.

“When we use the smart assistance it takes us about 27 seconds to get our minds back on the road,” said Jamey Tucker. “It's still a much better idea to pull over to do what you need to do on your smartphone safely.”

In 2017, a total of 237 lives were lost due to drunk driving on Independence Day making it the deadliest holiday on our nation’s road, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

AAA is offering the tow-to-go program again this year. The confidential free tow service for members and non-members will take you to a safe location within 10 miles.

The tow-to-go program runs from Wednesday through Friday. It’s available in Tennessee and Georgia and the number is (855) 286-9246. They say wait times will vary on call volume.