UPDATE: The Chattanooga City Council once again voted unanimously on the second reading of an ordinance to ban dockless vehicles including the controversial electric scooters and bicycles for the next six months.

Council members have been worried about public safety. Last month Nashville's Mayor called for the termination of the scooter plan after several people were injured.

Metro Council has not voted on a ban in Nashville.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Chattanooga City Council voted unanimously on the first reading of an ordinance to ban dockless electric scooters and bicycles for the next six months on Tuesday night.

This comes after reports of other cities, like Nashville, experiencing trouble with the scooters.

Councilman Ken Smith proposed the ordinance and believes after all the accidents nationwide, something needs to change.

“Because of all the accidents, because of all the injuries and now deaths; I think they are going to have to look at themselves, their own processes, their own system, and make some improvements themselves for safety before they start rolling this out in other cities,” Smith said.

Smith has been one of the more outspoken council members against dockless vehicles in Chattanooga.

He says people leaving these vehicles anywhere on the streets is a problem for everyone.

"Our disabled population. Being able to make their way down a sidewalk. We are having tripping hazards. There are all kinds of issues they are causing,” Smith said.

“Not to mention they are being thrown in bushes and they are actually destroying property to some degree. Both on the police side and the fire side, these are individuals that are having to go and respond to these accidents. They are the ones that are seeing some of these firsthand and it's a danger,” Smith continued.

Safety isn't the only issue Smith has with the dockless scooters.

"We're just not to that size nor do we have the infrastructure and the width of our streets and everything else. So, riding on the sidewalks and a lot of those issues we'd see a lot more of," Smith said.

Council members say the reason for this ban is to make sure legislation is up-to-date.

"We have to look after public safety. That's our number one priority I feel like as a legislator,” Councilman Chip Henderson said.

If the ordinance passes its second reading, people who violate this ban could face a fine of $50 for each offense.

Councilman Smith says if safety isn't number one for these scooter companies, then they won’t allow them at all in Chattanooga.

Council plans to have the final vote next week.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: The Chattanooga City Council passed an ordinance on Tuesday night that would put a temporary ban on scooters.

The ordinance would ban dockless electric scooters and bicycles for six months.

The moratorium would make it unlawful to provide, operate, or park the devices on public property, anywhere in the city.

A violation could lead to a fine of $50 for each offense.

Tuesday night's vote by the council was the first reading of the ordinance.

The rule would take effect after a second vote by council members.

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