Some residents off Shallowford Road and Standifer Gap are concerned about the new veterans’ clinic that’s being built.

They worry the new site could cause major traffic issues.

Residents say one of the biggest issues they have is the Standifer Gap bridge, which is in horrible condition. They also say the road itself is an issue. Residents fear with more traffic coming in, people's safety could be at risk.

"Somebody gotta fix the bridge," said one resident during a meeting on Monday night.

Residents are expressing their concerns over the new Veterans Affairs clinic project.

Even after developers showed the layout of the project, those opposed say there are too many questions going in. However, the biggest issue is the Standifer Gap bridge.

"This is a windy road with no shoulders, deep ditches, and if I had a nickel for every time someone crossed that stinkin’ center line, I would not live in that neighborhood," said a resident.

Councilwoman Carol Berz says she understand people's frustrations and noticing a change in the building plans she added, it is time to address this issue.

"It's real. I know it's a mess," Berz said. "What about a barricade?"

"It would be a temporary thing until the bridge is finished," Berz added.

Neighbors say traffic in the area is bad enough as it is.

Darren Hamrick is one of the engineers for the project who spoke at the meeting.

He said when crews did their inspection on traffic, they took everything into account.

"We are working through the process,” Hamrick said. “Obviously we are engineers, that's the thing we put first is safety."

The clinic will not be finished until 2021, and city engineer Blythe Bailey says improvements for the bridge will be finished several months after the clinic is complete.

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