A portable stop light sits on each side of a crumbling portion of Lake Resort Drive. The slope failure happened in February after 10 straight days of rain. 

Since then, the road has been reduced to just one lane of traffic. The initial and what a city spokesperson calls a conservative estimate was $9,000,000 to repair the road. But the three options presented to city council ranged between $5,000,000 and $11,000,000 and the cheapest option actually seems like the best long-term repair option for the road. 

Blythe Bailey and administrator with CDOT gave Channel 3 this statement on Monday:

"CDOT provided a report to the City Council on Tuesday describing the progress of our major repair project on Lake Resort Drive. In that report, Senior Engineer, Katie Snyder, who is overseeing the monitoring, analysis, engineering, and eventual repair work on Lake Resort Drive for CDOT, described three repair options that we have considered: Secant Pile Wall, Bridge, and Soldier Pile Wall.

We are still in the design phase and will bid the project later in the summer, so, until then, all estimates of cost are just that, estimates. 

Currently, we estimate the three repair options Katie presented to cost between about $5 and $11 million. The Soldier Pile Wall is the recommended repair and it happens to be the least expensive of the three options. However, final prices for construction will not be known until after the engineering is fully complete and the project has been competitively bid to construction contractors. As of the current status of the engineering work, the project budget and funding have not changed. When scenarios like this happen we want to budget conservatively to increase the chance that our estimates, and eventually, our costs are below budget rather than above it." 

District 3 Chattanooga City Councilman Ken Smith gave Channel 3 this statement about the repairs on Lake Resort Drive:

"I have been working on getting this repair scheduled for a number of years and I am very excited to finally be moving forward with a lasting solution" 

Here's the timeline for Lake Resort Dr. according to CDOT:

  • Notification of slope failure: 23 February 2019
  • City staff monitoring of site: 23 February 2019 and ongoing
  • Initiation of emergency contract: 06 March 2019
    • CDOT engaged the services of the consulting engineering company Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. to assist with the development of a permanent repair of the roadway.
  • Lab analysis of samples and field data analysis: April 2019
  • Preliminary design development: April - May 2019
    • Geosyntec will prepare three recommended options for repair, including the general cost estimate for each option.
  • Detailed design development: May - July 2019
    • Geosyntec will prepare all design calculations and construction documents for the selected repair
  • Advertise for bid: August 2019
  • Begin construction: October 2019
    • Construction duration will depend on the selected repair option.

Construction will start in October, and is expected to take eight months if crews are able to stick to the construction schedule. So anyone living or working in the area won't be using both lanes of the road for about another year. 

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