Saturday night thousands watched as the next Miss Tennessee was crowned.

Many from right here in Chattanooga are celebrating Brianna Mason's historic win as the first African American Miss Tennessee.

“I was so excited!” said Christy Rashed. “Every time I said that's my girl. She's going to get it!”

Local pageant director, Christy Rashed, first met Mason in 2018 when she agreed to judge the Miss Bessie Smith Pageant.

This year, she was the mistress of ceremony.

She says Mason has an amazing spirit.

“She is an awesome young lady,” said Rashed. “She's going to represent Tennessee well. Her character speaks for itself and she has a heart of gold.”

Rashed says this win means a lot to the women of color trying to succeed in the pageant world.

“At first we used to be sitting back from the table but now we're at the table,” said Rashed. “We were people in the door but now the door is open.”

Rashed hopes to support Mason in person at the Miss America competition.

She's confident in Masons’ abilities to do well.

“I just said God has answered prayers she represents women not just African American women,” said Rashed.