Hundreds of people sweated it out in the hot sun Saturday but it was all for a good cause.

The first ever charity workout in the West Village took place with all proceeds benefiting the Kidney Foundation. 
The event called "Epic" was hosted by Kyle House Fitness.

The extensive 60-minute boot camp included cardio, strength, and yoga.

Channel 3 spoke to the owner *and* co-owner of "kyle house fitness" on what this event is all about. 

Kyle House, owner Kyle House Fitness, "So our idea was to get as many people as we could out here to raise as much money as we could for the kidney foundation. fitness is one of my passions and helping the community so combining them together is what we're all about today." 

Kyle Miller, co-owner, "This is our first annual Epic boot camp, we're going to have this every single year, grow it and grow it every single year, we cannot thank everyone enough for coming out and supporting it as well and our sponsors."

They say they raised over $7,000 in Saturday's event.