One local boy was surprised for his 17th birthday by getting to throw out the first pitch at the Chattanooga Lookouts game.

Matthew Stewart was born with his feet bent inwards and for a time he was unable to walk. He had surgery to fix the problem. 

"With the tibia bones going inwards, they had to break both of his legs and he was in a wheelchair for 6 months," his mother Mandy Stewart told Channel 3.

During that time, he still went to games in his wheelchair.

"It was tough but they have a little elevator back there and we just rolled him up and got him in here," said Mandy Stewart.

"Now I'm able to sit normal instead of having my feet propped up," Matthew Stewart told Channel 3.

The Lookouts surprised Matthew and asked if he wanted to throw out the first pitch. He said, "I'd be honored."

Throwing out the first pitch for a team he's watched his whole life was a gift that didn't need to be unwrapped.

"I really love the lookouts-- it's really good to see," said Matthew Stewart.

Mandy says seeing her son on the mound was a special moment.

"It took a lot of relief off of me because now I don't have to see my son suffer," Mandy Stewart said.