It will remain hot into the evening with temperatures staying around 90 until about 7:00PM EDT in Chattanooga. Most people will remain dry, but there will be a few spotty storms across the area. Storms are more likely to pop-up in the higher elevations and south of Chattanooga until about 8:00PM EDT tonight. 

For any fireworks shows tonight, sunset is at 8:59PM EDT. It will be in the low 80s by dark for the fireworks. Any spotty storms should be done before then, making for a warm but pleasant night for festivities. Overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 60s outside of the city and around 70 in Chattanooga with a partly cloudy sky.

Sunday will be very similar to today with high temperatures in the low 90s. It will feel like the mid-90s with the heat index. The day will start with few clouds, and then more clouds will develop in the afternoon. We will also have a few isolated storms in the afternoon and evening (20%). 

Monday will be hot with lots of sunshine. High temperatures will be from 91-94 and a heat index from 95-99. The heat and humidity will especially combine on Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the low to mid-90s, and the "feels like" temperatures in the range of 98-102. Both days will have an isolated chance for storms.

July 4th on Thursday will continue to be hot with highs in the low-90s and partly sunny. Storm chances will increase for Thursday afternoon and evening compared to earlier in the week with scattered development. Friday will have more scattered storms with highs from 88-92.