A man convicted of a 1997 murder took the stand on Friday, saying he did not kill his ex-wife Victoria Hollingsworth.

Adolphus Hollingsworth was one of four witnesses to take the stand during a post-conviction hearing.

He showed the judge a piece of evidence, which was a tire from a 1988 Mustang, the same model of the Mustang in his case.

Hollingsworth helped measure the side of the tire with his attorney and showed the judge that the 9-inch width of the tire didn’t match the 4-inch tire tread in the grass.

All of this he thought was going to be brought up in his original trial, but his court appointed attorney choose not to use the evidence.

Hollingsworth also said he wanted to take the stand.

The judge will hear from one more witness before making his decision.

Attorneys will meet again next month.

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