UPDATE: Work began Thursday morning on a Soddy-Daisy woman's roof after the business she hired to fix it, closed its doors.

We shared her story earlier this month.

The owner of another local roofing company, Burell Built Roofing, saw that story and showed up to the do the work--free of charge.

"We saw the article you guys did on the news and we automatically knew we could do something to help this family. For us this was an easy decision," Owner Corey Burell told Channel 3.

Patricia Roach says when she paid Chattanooga's GreenForm Construction branch more than $7,000 to replace her leaky roof, they stopped returning her calls but when she received another call from Burell, it was an answer to her prayers.

"Nobody's ever done this for me and I'm just really thankful," she said. "I didn't know what I was going to do up until he stepped forward."

Roach was one of several people who filed complaints about the franchise, which according to the Better Business Bureau, filed for bankruptcy.

This 76-year-old Soddy-Daisy resident says she's thankful that her new roof is now under construction.

"They're up there today working and it just took a big load off because my husband had just had open-heart surgery and then me with a hip replacement," she explained.

Burell says easing that burden is exactly why he volunteered to replace her roof at no cost.

"To us, it was kind of like 'wow this has happened to another person', and this was our opportunity to step in and give back," he told Channel 3.

Roach says with the new roof she and her family can rest easy knowing that when it rains, it won't pour into their home and despite what happened leading up to this moment it was all a part of a bigger lesson.

"Every time I've talked to him I've cried. There's kindness in this world and honest people."

Burrell says his crews arrived around 7:30 am and finished by the end of the day.

ORIGINAL STORY: An elderly woman says she's now out of nearly $7,000 after paying a Chattanooga contractor to fix her roof and never receiving the service.

Patricia Roach is one of nine people who've filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau against the Chattanooga branch of GreenForm Construction.

She told Channel 3 she contacted them in March, but they never showed up to finish the job.

"Here it is, almost July and I still don't have a roof and they've already got their money and I don't have nothing," Roach said.

The 67-year-old retiree says she's never been the victim of fraud until now.

"They were supposed to come the first week of April and they never showed, then they called and told us it would be the next week.

Well, then it was supposed to be the first week in May, and then they quit answering our phone calls," Roach explained. 

It's a company Jim Winsett with the Better Business Bureau says was once BBB accredited, but now has an "F" rating after a number of complaints.  

"Over the last three years now, we've had 9 consumer complaints filed against them. The issue really became that they had not been responding to those complaints," he told Channel 3.

Roach says after a consultation visit from a contractor, she paid more than $6,900 using a financing company the Chattanooga GreenForm recommended called EnerBank.

"If they were going through a finance company, maybe the money in total was paid to GreenForm and they were not getting the roof or the service installed," Winsett explained. 

Roach says coming up with the money to do it was hard enough with her husband's disability.

"We're on a fixed income and you know I had to juggle bills and make sure I could come up with $177 a month," she said.

Winsett says the best course of action is to file a report with the police and consider civil action.

Roach says she plans to do both, and she hopes no one else will fall victim. 

We have left several messages at multiple numbers attempting to reach the Chattanooga GreenForm branch. GreenForm locations are independently owned.

Winsett says the Chattanooga branch has filed for bankruptcy and the owner has hired an attorney to represent him, but not the business as a whole.