It has been a busy summer for students at East Brainerd Elementary School.

Summer is no longer a time for sleeping late and playing video games. This was a space camp summer.

Just before the Fourth of July, 170 students who speak 14 different languages are celebrating the end of a four-week program about science, and space in particular.

Teacher Stephanie Beard said, "They've made science projects, art projects, and they've learned about astronauts."

The students and parents participated by taking art and coding classes, and activities outside the school.

Beard said, "They played soccer, went swimming, and to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, so we have learned, and we have had a lot of fun."

At the end of program celebration, teacher Johanna Castillo led the students in multicultural music and skits. She says it's important for them to start early in their studies of language, and they're captivated by the arts.

"Just to see the kids faces, when they learn to say hello, and they learn coding, you should see how excited they are to get here every morning," she said.

Teachers and students say it's been a busy four weeks, and they're actually sad to see the program come to an end. Everyone is satisfied knowing that their efforts will pay off when the school year begins in August.

The program was federally funded, and was provided at no cost to students. Beard credited the teachers and assistants, along with the cooperation of families, for making the program a success.