July 4th is just one week away. McKamey Animal Center is working to promote safety for pets ahead of the holiday. 

McKamey Animal Center offered free microchipping for the first 300 animals in line on Thursday.

Veterinarians say this is a preventative measure ahead of July 4, in case pets run away from firework booms. 

"A firework goes off and they take off," said Veterinary Care Administrator Khristy Ha.

She says this can be a busy time of year for the center.

"July 4th night and the next day we get a large influx of lost dogs," recalled Ha.

Cats and dogs aren't the only animals being chipped.

"We've microchipped ferrets last year, we've microchipped pigs. If you have an animal that you do not want to take the chance of being separated from we will figure out a way to put a microchip in it," Ha told Channel 3.

Channel 3 spoke to pet owners, all hoping this process will help protect their animal.

"We're going away July 4th weekend so if he got loose I'd want to be able to find him," said Melissa King.

Another pet owner said her dog has ran away before.

"I'm just always afraid when he's outside he might get loose," said Yvonne Whitaker.

She did not want to take any chances on this holiday.

"It just scared me so bad I thought I need some kind of security measure in case he does get loose," Whitaker told Channel 3.

It took just three seconds for her dog Sparky to get his microchip.

"The first thing we do when we get a lost dog is scan them for a microchip; unfortunately not a lot of strays have microchips," said Ha.

For vets like Khristy, she cannot stress the importance enough of today's procedure.

"If you have a dog, a microchip is so important. It reunites you almost instantly instead of your dog having to sit in an unknown scary place like a shelter for days," Ha told Channel 3.

The McKamey Animal Center is located at 4500 N Access Road in Chattanooga.

The center's phone is (423) 305-6500.