You can now send a text to 911 dispatchers in the event of an emergency.

The goal is to help those who are deaf and hard of hearing get the service they deserve.

Picking up the phone to call is still the best way to get emergency crews headed your way.

However, if you can’t pull out your phone and text your address with your emergency to 911.

When many of us call, we expect someone to answer the phone and send help.

Getting emergency services is much more complicated for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

“In fact right now, they have to use a third-party solution,” said John Stuermer. “They take to that third-party in that person would call the 911 system to relay that information.”

Now instead of just answering phones, dispatchers can text too.

Betty Proctor has been talking with lawmakers about getting this text system in Hamilton County. She's thankful this safety issue has been addressed. “I may be able to use the 911 call system myself, but I have many friends who are hearing is worse than myself,” said Proctor. “They would not be able to call that was one of the biggest concerns.”

Executive director John Stuermer with Hamilton County E 911 says this new service does not only help the hearing impaired.

“Such as an event of a home invasion or active shooter situation where the perpetrator is close to the caller,” said Stuermer.

This system has been in the works for some time. A conversation sparked between lawmakers and community members over three years ago. It is just now becoming a reality because Stuermer says it has taken some time to get everything they needed.

“For us, it is been very costly we basically have gone in to replace our entire 911 phone system and computer dispatch systems,” said Stuermer.

This service and others are paid for through surcharges from your phone bill.