CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A summertime trend called "sunburn tattoos" has experts voicing their concern.

They're all over social media. People are putting stencils or stickers on their skin, then they lay in the sun without sunscreen. 

After you burn and take the stencil off – left behind is an outline known as the “sunburn tattoo.” 

They might be getting lots of likes on social media, but medical professionals say the long-term health effects are not worth the short-term internet fame.

“I think the thing people forget is your skin is the largest organ in your body," said Julie Emery, Nurse Practitioner with Fort Mill Family Practice. 

"We wouldn’t think about doing that to our heart or lungs or anything like that. When you do it to your skin it’s just as dangerous.”

Emery says social media tends to perpetuate fads that are not good for you. 

She said burning your skin on purpose could cause life-threatening issues later.

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