A new law in Tennessee will change the application process for people trying to get their concealed carry permit.

By July 1, a new law lowers the cost and number of training hours needed for someone to get a concealed carry permit.

It currently costs $100 and requires 8 hours of training to get a concealed and open carry permit.

This new law will lower the cost to $65 and a 90-minute online training course online, but it's only for the concealed carry permit.

For Shaun Cross, senior instructor at Shooter's Supply, the new law is alarming.

"Watching a 90-minute video isn't going to give them any more information on a firearm than reading a book that they probably aren't going to read anyway," Cross said. "It's going to be more hands-on training."

State Rep. Mike Carter of Ooltewah disagrees.

He voted for the new law.

"It's an online training for those that work one or two jobs and don't have the time to go get training," Carter said. "We had inadvertently created a class of people who were ineligible to get permits because of their work schedules."

Carter said this new law is more efficient and less expensive.

It's a change Cross believes could come at a price.

He said if someone with this new permit fires a gun and hurts an innocent person, the state could be held liable.

"I can open myself up to for a lawsuit against me but then I can say 'well the state said I'm good enough to carry. The state said I watched this 90-minute video, I'm good enough to carry a firearm and general populace to protect myself," Cross said.