The Walker County Sheriff's Office suspects foul play in the death of Britney Cole, who was found on the side of the road last week.

Her husband Bob Cole was taken back into custody for violating parole and the arrest is not connected to Britney's death.

The violation stems from a conviction in a 1990 murder. Now that Cole is back in custody investigators are asking questions surrounding his wife’s death.

Before Cole’s arrest, investigators were searching for him.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says his office got a call early Sunday afternoon saying Cole was gone. The call came several days after Cole’s wife was found dead.

On Monday, Sheriff Wilson says that he turned himself in with the help of a third party. He says his team had reason to believe Cole had planned to leave town or go camping for an extended amount of time, but it's not clear where he was headed.

Sheriff Wilson says Cole was granted permission to live in Walker County, and had a manufacturing job before he left.

“We were not completely certain of his whereabouts or how far he had traveled,” Wilson said.

Wilson says the death of Cole's wife, could have played a part in him leaving. Wilson says her body was found about two miles from their home. Investigators are now suspecting foul play.

However, Wilson says at this time evidence does not point to Cole as a suspect.

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“We've been asking a lot of hard questions over the last week; had a lot of activity has been surrounding him and I could only assume that he left because of that,” Wilson said.

Wilson says they believed Cole was hiding out in the woods or camping because of what he left with. He said Cole left with “typical supplies that you would camp with; a backpack; a tent, cooking utensils and those type things. So we were concerned that he could be camping out and could be possibly be camping out for an extended amount of time.”

After Cole turned himself in to a state community supervisor in Gordon County, he was taken to the Walker County jail.

“I would characterize him as being extremely tired probably dehydrated, beat down, worn out from the heat and being out in the heat all day yesterday,” said Wilson.

But how did Cole slip away?

According to his parole certificate, he was ordered by a judge to wear an ankle monitor. In addition to several other restrictions, like random check-ups, and being forbidden to leave the state of Georgia. Channel 3 asked the communications director for the State Board of Pardons and Paroles, Steve Hayes, but we were told he could not comment on Cole's parole violation. He says the department is still gathering specific details on what happened.

Cole will remain in custody without bond in Walker County until the state board decides whether to revoke his parole.

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