It was a busy day for some in Bradley County as residents and crews spent the day cleaning up after Monday's storms.

The force of the winds was evident when you looked at the damage along Rabbit Valley, Old Freewill and Hidden Valley roads.

One tree, a homeowner thought was at least 50 years old, was snapped like a toothpick, other trees were completely uprooted by the base.

The sound of chainsaws filled the air Tuesday.

"I'm sawing these trees up. I've got a Bobcat with a grapple bucket and I'm fixin' to haul them out of here," James Stuman said.

Channel 3's Storm Alert Team said winds of up to 50 miles per hour hit the area on Monday.

Stuman considers himself lucky.

"I went around and checked my fences to make sure the cows weren't going to get out and then all the neighbors pitched in and helped," he said.

A couple of streets over, more trees means more work.

"The county is going to come through and clean this up. So, I'm just trying to clean up a little," Paul Collins said.

Collins lost two big trees on his front lawn.

Despite the mess, he said it could have been worse.

"Missed the house. Except for the one tree leaning against the carport. Didn't do anything to the house," he said, "My neighbor right across the road, he's got about 30 trees down."

While road crews worked to remove trees and line crews worked to restore power and phone lines, Collins said he's just happy for a break in the weather for cleanup.

"God is in charge of the weather. We've got nothing to do with it," he added.

There were not any reports of injuries from Monday's storms.