Chattanooga City Council members approved the city's 2020 proposed budget Tuesday.

Mayor Andy Berke's nearly $270 million proposed budget is a little more than a 1% increase from the 2019 budget.

According to the city's website, half of the budget, $135 million, will go toward the city's Safer Streets division, like the fire and police departments. 

The proposed budget funds new staff to continue the city's efforts to end homelessness. 

Mayor Berke included $2.5 million to support Volkswagon's plans to add 1,000 more jobs to its plant. 

One of the main priorities this year will be improving several roads that were damaged after heavy rainfall earlier this year. 

"Throughout the city, we've faced different challenges and this fund allows us to do a bunch of different things on roads all over Chattanooga," Berke said in May.

He said the proposed budget devotes nearly $29 million to improve several roads like Elder Mountain Road, Lake Resort Drive, and Hamill Road. 

"This encompasses everything from just repaving a road because it needs to be done to really rebuilding it because there's structural issues," Berke said. 

If the city council passed the proposed budget at Tuesday's meeting, the tax rate will stay the same. 

While the city plans to fix the roads because of heavy rainfall this year, FEMA is currently processing their request for aid. 

If FEMA approves the request, the city will be refunded for the road expenses.