The Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department met with residents Monday evening to discuss the development of the Westside of downtown Chattanooga.

Officials are looking at converting land near the former Alstom property. They are asking for the public's opinion regarding three acres next to the property.

Back in March, new plans were unveiled for the area, which could bring $11-million in tax revenue and 5,000 jobs to the area.

Parks and rec director Tom Lamb tells Channel 3 why they chose the Riverwalk location to bring in new businesses.

"Everybody is liking coming to this area and the big part of that has been the Riverwalk. It's brought people to this area. It's making more and more things happen here," Lamb said.

Lamb says the Riverwalk will stay in place.

Amenities will be an addition to the Riverwalk if the project is approved.