Strong winds from the weekend storms caused quite the mess in Dalton. As a result, crews worked overtime clearing downed trees across the city.

Andrew Parker with Dalton Public Works says they responded to 17 locations within the city that saw damage.

“It's been a few years since we've seen this much sustained damage that was concentrated in the city,” said Parker. “We had to haul off about 17 loads of tree material and some of these trees were ranging in size of four to four and a half feet wide in diameter.”

One of those locations was Underwood Street.

Strong winds caused a massive tree to fall onto a public housing unit damaging the roof and structure. Private contractors spent hours cutting down tree that was about four feet wide in diameter. Nearby neighbors say no one lives in the damaged unit, but the damage is overwhelming.

The unit is of four within the building.

Parker since the unit is on private property, they were not obligated to help, but the department offered to anyway.

“Our concern immediately is for the safety of the residents.”

If you come across any down trees or damage here in Dalton call 911. Parker says dispatch will contact public works.

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