UPDATE: Dawn Pankey says her daughter Kelly is no longer missing.

She tells Channel 3 she finally heard from Kelly last night.

She still doesn’t know where she is, but she has been told she’s safe.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Murray County Sheriff's Department is searching for a missing woman. Twenty-seven-year-old Kelly Pankey's mother says she last heard from her on March 15th.

Dawn Pankey says she and her daughter Kelly never go more than two weeks without speaking. But now it's been four months since their last texts, and Pankey has no idea where her daughter is.

“I wish I had more. I really do,” Pankey said. “That's one of the hard parts is I have so little to go on. It's like she just disappeared off the face of the earth."

Kelly was going through a rough patch and could be hard to reach. But after weeks of no contact, Pankey finally filed a police report with the Murray County Sheriff’s Department. They confirmed to Channel 3 that the investigation is still active.

Pankey says they haven't found anything yet, so she decided to take things a step further.

“I had spoken to one of Kelly's good friends and she made the suggestions to put it on Facebook and I hadn't thought of that."

The Facebook post got plenty of comments from friends hoping to help, but no answers.

Pankey says she knows if Kelly had access to Facebook or the internet, she'd find a way to respond.

“She would say "Mom I'm ok. Just stop. You can let everyone know I’m ok.'"

Kelly Pankey is 27-years-old, 5’ 10”, and about 135 pounds. Her mom says her hair was blonde the last time she saw her, but it could be dyed brown.

If you have any information about where Kelly is, call the Murray County Sheriff’s Department.