Police officers responded to a fatal shooting in the Avondale neighborhood Monday morning.

Neighbors woke up to gunshots ringing out from a duplex on Portland Street.

People who live nearby stood to wait for updates on the shooting that happened just after midnight.

“It's just unreal,” said an eyewitness. “It's unbelievable. I just feel like I'm in a dream still.”

A woman witnessed the whole incident but did not want her identity revealed.

Chattanooga police did not say what led up to the shooting. They say Douglas Holmes suffered multiple gunshot wounds before he died at the scene.

The witness says Holmes stayed to himself.

“A person who works hard, and takes care of his daughter, and his life got taken from him,” said the witness.

Channel 3 was there when the neighborhood found out the shooting turned into a homicide, and the crowd erupted with emotion.

“The hurt, and the pain that they caused the family not just the victim, but their families,” said the witness.

Chattanooga police have not released any information about the suspect, leaving neighbors wondering if the shooter remains in the Avondale area.

“It scares me,” said the witness. “It terrifies me. I've been up since it happened. I just want justice for him and his family.”

She says, unfortunately, the city has seen its share of gun violence, and it must stop.

“I witnessed this before and had to witness it again,” said the eyewitness. “It's just senseless.”