Severe storms rolled through the Tennessee Valley late Friday night, causing major damage and power outages.

St. Elmo was hit particularly hard. Several trees and power lines went down during the rain, including one that fell directly onto a home on Tennessee Avenue.

Neighbor Evan Williams says he was watching when that same tree took out power to the neighborhood.

"I was standing on the front porch about an hour or two ago and saw a flaming ball of light coming from the telephone pole and apparently half a tree has come down on the neighbor's house and ripped down a power line," Williams said.

And in Dalton, Linda Whittle says she was asleep when another massive tree crashed into the front room of her home.

"I was asleep, and I heard a huge noise and I got up and opened the door to my front room and it was full of tree,” Whittle said.

For most, the major result of the storm was loss of power. In some places, the outages lasted hours.

In a statement to Channel 3, EPB Spokesperson John Pless said that “crews have responded to approximately 200 incidents that affected 3,500 total customers.”

Pless added that “dozens of EPB and contractor crews are working as quickly as possible Saturday morning to restore service.”

Pless wants EPB customers to know they can track power outages in EPB’s app. You can also keep up with severe weather coverage in our WRCB Weather App.