The burglars involved in the latest string of car break-ins in Chattanooga have been identified.

The Chattanooga Police Department says there are 18 warrants on file for them

Most recently, the suspects broke into vehicles at Alan Gold's Discotheque.

Channel 3 spoke to one of the victims of the car break-ins. She said she was at Alan Gold's celebrating her birthday.

"It's angering," said Lindsey Williams.

She went out to her vehicle at the end of the night-- only to find her truck had been scratched, her window busted, and all her belongings were gone.

"My heart dropped. We got on our phones and started checking our online banking apps-- I was about cleaned out," Williams told Channel 3.

Police say the suspects are responsible for making extreme purchases on stolen credit cards across the Tennessee Valley.

"We've had vehicles broken into at Alan Gold's on McCallie Avenue. After that, both times, the suspects go on shopping sprees to several locations around Chattanooga," said Investigator Brad Brown with the Chattanooga Police Department.

Investigators need your help locating them-- desperate to get them off the streets.

"This couple has the potential to keep doing it because they are making money at it and I don't see them stopping until they do get caught," said Investigator Brown.

Although Lindsey Williams's window was shattered-- something else remained untouched.

"To me, it didn't shatter the memories I had or the time I had spent with my friends," said Williams.

If you know where the two suspects are located you're asked to call The Chattanooga Police Department at (423) 698-2525.