The future is looking bright for the Chattanooga Airport.

Terry Hart, president of the airport, said that they expect to have 550,000 enplanements, which translates to about 1.1 million passengers passing through the Chattanooga Airport in 2019.

Hart said that they’re up 13% from the same period of time in 2018. A large reason for that is younger people are hopping on planes for weekend trips.

He said with five years of steady growth each year that the airlines are happy and those are the kind of numbers they want to see. Hart said they're planning on bringing in larger planes to fit more people, and adding more flights to accommodate the growing airport. He said they're also looking into adding more destinations. 

"Looking at that, as I mentioned earlier it's about hubs and with the three airlines that we have I would say with American one possibility could be Miami, to have that access to south Florida or to the Caribbean, or Central and South America. For United one of the hubs of interest or two rather is Houston or Denver," said Hart.

He said at this point those are only possibilities but more people does mean the airport has to expand. They're planning to break ground on a new parking deck by the end of this year.

He said they're also planning on more gates to accommodate more planes in the next two to three years. 

Hart said the growth in the Chattanooga community is helping this airport thrive and vice versa.