A warrant has been issued for a driver authorities believe hit a Hamilton County Public Works employee while crews were doing maintenance on Standifer Gap Road.

While the employee is recovering, public works officials are urging people driving through work zones to do so carefully.

"People need to be aware when they're operating a vehicle on a roadway. They have certain responsibilities," Public Works Administrator Todd Leamon told Channel 3.

Leamon says their responsibility is to pay attention.

"We have reflective clothing and put out signage for people who were working the roads," he said.

But even road signs and reflective gear didn't stop a driver from hitting a road worker directing traffic on Tuesday.

"We're fixing roads, paving roads; we're fixing potholes as the case on Standifer Gap and during those times we need people just to be aware that there are people who are working," Leamon explained.

He says the kind of roads they're working on make it even more of a dangerous job.

"Standifer Gap is hilly and curvy. We have a lot of those roads in the county, just because of the terrain," he recalled.

Leamon says drivers speeding or being distracted amplify the risk for road workers.

"It's them out there trying to do their job to make sure the roadways in good state of repair and we need to respect that," he said.

Leamon says drivers slowing down and following directives from work zone employees could prevent accidents from happening.

"What we really need people to do is have some patience. Be aware of people that are actually working in the road to do their job so we can keep those employees safe," he said.

Not doing either could result in legal troubles for people deemed responsible later down the road.