A Harrison man has been charged with attempted first degree-murder on Thursday for hitting a person with a car and bragging about it, according to court records. 

Records show 42-year-old Kenneth Michael Daniel is accused of assaulting two people at a home on Bramlett Road, shortly before 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.

The arrest report says Daniel showed up to a home and began yelling and choking one of the victims.

The report says a friend of the first victim called 911 and yelled for help. After yelling for help, the second victim told deputies that Daniel said "watch this sh*t" before he put his car in drive and ran over her.

Witnesses confirmed to deputies that Daniel choked the first victim and hit the second victim with his car before fleeing the scene.

The report says the first victim had markings on the neck and the second victim had a large cut on the leg.

The report says Daniel was later found less than a mile away from the scene on Bramlett Road and taken into custody.

Daniel is charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated domestic assault.

He is being held on bond at the Hamilton County Jail and scheduled to appear in court on June 27.

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