For the first time in 27 years, Cleveland City Schools is establishing a brand new school, from the ground up.  It’s in response to district-wide overcrowding, and the first day of school is just six weeks away.

Candy’s Creek Cherokee Elementary School has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait, according to business and community leaders.  They call it a school built, with the future in mind. Director of Schools Dr. Russell Dyer said the current capacity is 520 students, but it can be easily expanded to 700.

At the rate Cleveland is growing, that additional space will likely be needed sooner rather than later. Nearby schools have been making do with classes on stages and in hallways.  The spacious Candy’s Creek school has room to grow, and teachers can’t wait to set up their classrooms. Principal Lisa Earby said teachers will begin working on their rooms next week.

Technology is on the way to the media center and will play a big role in the school’s curriculum.  But Dr. Dyer stresses that this school and others in Cleveland are focused on learning in various ways and that hands-on learning and group learning will always be priorities.

Dr. Dyer said rezoning has gone surprisingly smooth, and credited school system officials with their use of software, science, and transparency to make the process a success.