On the first day of summer, you will find tons of people walking their dogs near Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. 

But with the summer sun, comes the summer heat. 

Some pet owners are concerned about how the summer heat could impact their pets after a photo starting circulating on social media.

The photo shows a dog's burnt paw pads after going for a walk on hot pavement in Washington.

Dr. Randy Hammon, a veterinarian at the Northgate Animal Hospital, said it's one of the biggest issues they see during the summer. 

"Anything that is reflective, asphalt, dirt, sand, can really heat up and can really become amazingly hot," Hammon said. "We will get temperatures in the summer high as 160 degrees so the pet will end up burning their pads and a lot of times it may be a day or two afterward that you realize that the pets got a problem."

He said it's best to walk your dog during the early morning or evening when it's cooler outside. 

Hammon said owners who leave their pets in hot cars is another big problem. 

"This time of year they can heat up in minutes so my recommendation is never end up leaving your pet in a closed car during the summer unless you're in there with them and the air conditioning is running," Hammon said.