The city of Soddy Daisy is getting rid of the police department's Facebook page and creating an integrated page that will include public works and the fire department.

Mayor Gene Shipley believes having all city services on one social media page is easier to monitor and in the best interest of the city.  

He added it will make things more efficient for social media use.

Police Chief Jeff Gann runs the Facebook page and he posted last night about the city's decision saying in part "the page will be shut down as requested."

Later in the post, Gann wrote he hopes people are still active on the new page, sharing information about problems the city may have.

But the sudden change caused a lot of concern from some who attended Thursday’s meeting to hear the commission's decision.

Mayor Shipley says he has talked to many people about it, and says the decision was an easy one to make and that no one should worry about the city being transparent.

"There's no aim at anyone and that they weren't doing a good job, we just feel we need to upgrade and make it better. We don't intend to hide or block or anything. We will still be open to the public,” Shipley said.

Shipley says the new city page will be updated within the next week or so.

Channel 3 asked Chief Gann his take on the matter and said he will not make a comment at this time.