More details have been released about how Chattanooga police connected a man to one of the city's recent fatal drug overdoses.

Police say James Shepheard III is charged with second-degree murder.

According to the police report, Shepheard sold heroin to a woman last week and a medical examiner confirmed she died after taking the drug.

The police report says investigators searched the woman's phone, which is where they found communication between her and James Shepheard about a drug transaction.

Police discovered the transaction happened the night before they found the woman's body.

An address on where the two met to complete the transaction was found through GPS.

Police say that address belonged to Shepheard.

Police found the woman's body at the Microtel Hotel on McCutcheon Road.

Her friends and family are remembering the woman who they identified as Heather Walker.

Andrea Anderson is one of those friends. She says the two were not friends long, but quickly connected over a drug addiction they both battled and one Anderson overcame.

“Addicts die every day. It's just the sad reality of the disease. But, you never want it to be your friend that you love and you care about,” Anderson said.

Shepheard is in custody at the Hamilton County Jail with a $500,000 bond.

His criminal record stretches back to 2006 in Hamilton County, where he was previously faced theft, traffic, assault and drug charges.