Many people spent Thursday cleaning up debris from morning storms, while others are dealing with bigger problems like fallen trees.

Tree removal companies like Tree Works in Chattanooga have been answering those calls all day.

"Weather is definitely a big indication that we could have some damage come," Tree Specialist Zachary McKee told Channel 3.

"Rain, which adds weight and also the winds, can always push a tree over," McKee said.

He told Channel 3 there are two ways a tree could fall during storms.

"It could be uprooted from the ground from extra moisture and cause the roots to snap. Limbs can have cavities decay out the limb and the wind will cause that to eventually snap and break off," he explained.

There are even some types of trees that are more likely to fall.

"Bradford Pears have the tendency of having split leaves or branches and Maples as well. Maples will cause big cracks in their trunks, so those are two big ones to look out for," McKee continued.

According to McKee, Tree Works received three emergency calls on Thursday. Avoiding what happened to those homeowners is all about being proactive and knowing what to look for in nearby trees.

"Just evaluating your tree kind of on a monthly basis. We're looking for soft spots and decay in the roots and to the bass of the tree we're looking for bark or cavities. The trunk is the third step, loss of bark, any big cracks or holes in the tree," McKee said.

Discoloration and broken branches at the top of the tree are also indicators of potential problems.