Good Wednesday.  Look for another round of sporadic showers on and off through the day.  We may get a few thunderstorms here and there, but pesky showers with a few spots of heavy rain will be the main course of the day.  We will get enough of a break in the showers to allow temps to make it to 86 degrees.

The rain showers will be even more sporadic on Thursday, but we will see some popping up here and there through the day.  Temps Thursday will range from 71 in the morning to 85 in the afternoon.

Friday is the first day of summer, and, as if on cue, we will launch the temp to 93 in the afternoon with high humidity all day.  The heat index will climb to the upper 90s.

The weekend will be much the same.  Hot and muggy with highs in the low 90s.  We will, however, have to add in a few showers and storms during the afternoon both Saturday and Sunday.

For the latest, download the WRCB weather app.     David Karnes