After more than 50 years, Holcomb Garden Center will close both of their stores by the end of June. 

Owner Tim Holcomb said his parents opened the first store 52 years ago. 

"We hatched chickens, did saddle repair, did whatever farmers need to plant a garden," Holcomb said. 

He said the business quickly evolved from a farm store to a plant store.

A family-owned business and family was part of the reason they decided to close their doors. 

"My dad passed away two years ago, my brother passed away last year, and so there is just my brother, myself and my mom and it's time for us to enjoy family and time off," Holcomb said. 

These stores left a lasting impact on regular customers like Thelma Young. She said she's been coming to Holcomb for years. 

Once she learned they were closing, she came in early to get some of the discounted items. 

"I was broken-hearted," Young said. "The people are really nice and I talk to Tim all the time. He always gives me advice, I'm going to miss that."

People - that's who Tim said these stores were all about. 

"The first day we announced we were closing, it was a mixed emotion day, a lot of sad faces but a lot of good friends came through that we've seen over the years and worked with," Holcomb said. "A lot of great employees over the years so it's about people, we just so happen to sell plants and other things."

The Holcomb Garden Stores currently have items priced at 40% off. 

We're told all locations will close by June 29.