UPDATE: Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says the woman who was found dead on the side of the road outside of Lafayette on Tuesday has been positively identified by investigators.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says the GBI crime lab confirms the woman is 31-year-old Britney Nicole Parker Cole, of Lafayette.

Sheriff Wilson tells Channel 3, Cole was married last month and investigators have spoken to her husband about her death but says he is not a suspect.

So far, no suspects have been named in the case.

Cole's cause of death has not been released.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: The Walker County Sheriff says the woman found dead just outside of Lafayette on Tuesday has been tentatively identified.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says they believe the woman is 31-year-old Britney Parker Cole, of Lafayette.

Walker County started working the case after two farmers found the body about 35 yards off of Old Mineral Spring Road. Detectives at the scene weren’t able to find any identifying information, like a wallet or cell phone, but the body did have two distinctive tattoos. 

Sheriff Wilson says, in this day and age, that raises questions.

“I think it’s unusual for someone these days to not have something on them, a credit card, a cell phone, maybe a purse, wallet, necklace or ring,” he said. “This individual did not have anything other than clothing on their body.” 

They were able to tentative identification of the body on Wednesday after receiving a tip from someone in the community.

Following the initial investigation, the body was taken to the GBI Crime Lab for an autopsy.

Sheriff Wilson says he’s still waiting on official confirmation, but he’s confident in the identification. 

“This is a tentative identification at this point. It is not a scientific identification. We are waiting, pending verification through the Georgia crime lab from a scientific standpoint; but, we feel confident enough that we can put out that it is her,” Wilson said.

Sheriff Wilson says his office will continue to investigate every possible version of events. 

“All options are still open at this point. Until we have word from the Georgia crime lab, we certainly have to look at all options,” he said. “Was this a homicide? Was it natural? Was it accidental?”

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone with information about this case to please call Det. Sgt. Zach Simpson at 706-375-7810 or 706-639-0871.

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PREVIOUS STORY: The Walker County Sheriff’s Office says the body found on the side of the road on Tuesday has been tentatively identified.

Sheriff Steve Wilson says it is believed that the name of the deceased is 31-year-old Britney Parker Cole of Lafayette, Georgia.

The body was found by two farmers on Old Mineral Springs Road on Tuesday morning.

Sheriff Wilson says a crime lab will attempt to determine a cause of death and detectives are continue to investigate the death.

If you have any information about this case, call Det. Sgt. Zach Simpson at 706-639-0870 or 706-375-7810.

PREVIOUS STORY: A body was found Tuesday morning outside of Lafayette by two farmers.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson tells Channel 3 that two farmers were driving in the 2900 block of Old Mineral Springs Road outside of the Lafayette city limits and saw something unusual in the weeds, about 35 yards from the road.

When they got out, they found the body of a white female with brown/auburn hair. Sheriff Wilson said the body had a couple of distinctive tattoos and they believe the female is 30-45 year old. Detectives estimate the woman had been deceased three to five days. 

“One of them saw a suspicious object out in the field," said Sheriff Wilson. "They slowed down, came back and pulled in here and that’s when they discovered it was a human body.”

Walker County deputies confirmed the body, which has been sent to the crime lab for autopsy and ID. 

“We did not initially see any trauma to the body but that is preliminary and could change with the autopsy," said Sheriff Wilson.

He said she was found with nothing that would indicate where she's from or who she is. 

“No wallet, no purse, no cell phone, no jewelry," he said. "We combed the area with metal detectors.”

Sheriff Wilson also asked neighbors in the area if they had seen anyone walking in the area in the past week.

“Did you see anyone walking that was unfamiliar to you? And of all of them said no we don’t see that many people walking on this road. It’s a rural area," said Sheriff Wilson. "I mean people do walk on it occasionally but it’s not just an everyday common occurrence.”

The woman’s body had two distinct tattoos that will be released should identification not be made in a timely manner, according to a news release from Wilson's office.

Initially, the description is said to not match any missing person reports with Walker County Sheriff’s Office, but they are reaching out to other jurisdictions within 50 miles. They are also entering her into a national database to see if they get any matches. 

Once the results of the autopsy come back and once they get her identity they will work backwards to piece together what happened to her. 

“Had she been with someone at a party? Had she been to church with someone? So we start backtracking once we know who that person is to find out the associates of the last three to seven days," said Sheriff Wilson. 

If you have any information, you're asked to call the Walker County Sheriff's Office Det. Sgt. Zach Simpson at 706-375-7810 or 706-639-0871.