A Hamilton County man's trial could be moved to a different venue, due to the things people have said publicly about the case. 

Justin Whaley is accused of driving the wrong way on Highway 111 in July of 2018 and hitting and killing a local father.

Defense attorney Lee Davis represents Whaley. 

Davis said during Monday's hearing that he hasn't asked for a change of venue in a case in 10 years, but he believes this is the only way his client will get a fair trial.

The judge heard several motions on Monday, some regarding evidence, and others about how the trial, that is set for next year, will be conducted. 

This case has garnered a lot of attention from people on both sides and it's that attention that Davis believes could impact Whaley's right to a fair trial, especially comments from investigators directly related to the case.

"If we have a jury from out of town, who has never been exposed to that media, I don't have to cross examine a law enforcement witness on what he said on Facebook or social media because I don't think it's actually relevant to the actual trial," Davis said during Monday's hearing. 

A blood sample that was taken the day of the crash is another big part of the case. Even though the results show Whaley's blood alcohol content (BAC) was .02%, he still wants the results thrown out. 

The judge said he will decide on the change of venue in the meantime. 

The judge will hear formal arguments regarding the blood sample in August. 

For now, Whaley's trial is set for January 21, 2020.

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