The search for Evi the bobcat is over!

She went missing from the reflection riding arboretum and nature center last Monday. Staffers installed cameras and beefed up security for the search.

A week ago, Evi was taken from this enclosure. Now, she's back at home safe and sound.

Next, staffers will continue to nurse her back to health.

Staffers at Reflection Riding aren't sure how Evi the bobcat made her way back home.

She has been checked out by a veterinarian. They say she is underweight. So, they will feed her slowly to get her back up to size.

Rosie Lee, Education Programs Manager, was the employee who discovered the bobcat roaming around the exhibit.

“It took me a second, but it was a shock,” said Rosie Lee. “Then excitement, and I was just overcome with emotion. We were all crying.”

Reflection Riding raised more than four thousand dollars to go toward efforts to find Evi.

Director Mark McKnight will determine what will happen to those funds at a later date.

Now that Evi is back home safe and sound in the next step is to find out who is responsible for this madness.

Tish Gailmard, the Director of Wildlife, says this has never happened at the nature center before.