More than 300 volunteers arrived in Chattanooga for the Minor Home Repair Program Monday morning. 

This year the program will fix more than 60 homes. 

Chattanooga City Councilman Chip Henderson is one of the co-sponsors for Group Work Camp. 

He said most of the volunteers consist of mainly high school students who raised money to travel to Chattanooga to volunteer their time. 

"We offer a variety of services, we paint the inside, we paint the exterior, if they need a wheelchair ramp, we can build a wheelchair ramp," Henderson said. "We do repairs to decks, porches, and steps."

Henderson said most of the homeowners don't have the money to make the repairs themselves. 

This year's program focuses on homes in East Chattanooga, the area City Councilman Anthony Byrd represents. 

"These people you know they struggle a lot of times just to pay the bills and sometimes just to put food on the table so when you have a program like this and people come together it just brings a big light to the community in sometimes dark areas," Byrd said. 

The volunteers will work until Friday. 

Once the projects are completed, a closing ceremony will be held to display the success of the teams' projects.

Officials say if a homeowner wasn't able to make the list for this year's program, they can sign up for next year's program once the information is released.