Amelia Stewart wants nothing more than to dress up as her favorite characters at Con Nooga. So the Magic Wheelchair organization made it happen.

Magic Wheelchair creates one of a kind costumes for kids, built around the kids’ own wheelchairs. So far, they’ve created more than 150 designs.

Christian Glenn managed the local team of builders for Amelia's costume. He says they went all out for the “Guardians of the Galaxy” themed ride.

"It plays the whole soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy,” he said. “There are some audio clips from the movie and a lot of random miscellaneous things that give it a lot of life."

Magic Wheelchair Executive Director Christine Gellman says the costumes can change a kid’s whole outlook. Gellman has spinal muscular atrophy and uses a chair herself. She says she’s seen the amazing ways community can change a kid’s whole perspective.

“We’ve learned along the way how powerful that sense of inclusion and community can be for someone with a disability,” Gellman said. “I can even speak first hand on if you feel seen and heard you can go anywhere in life."

She says to her, the kids are the boss. It's all about making dreams come true, and this dream was Amelia’s.

“She’s talked about wanting to cosplay but having an issue with feeling like it's right in the wheelchair, which I totally get,” Gellman said. “Sometimes you can get swallowed up by the chair and so this costume and the spaceship will be that catalyst for her to cosplay."

Magic Wheelchair presented Amelia with her final costume at NOMCON 2019. They also gifted her with four passes to show it off at Con Nooga.

To learn more about volunteering on a Magic Wheelchair build team, or to apply for one of their custom designs, click here.