A squirrel caused power to residents in Athens. 

The Athens Utility Board posted on Facebook Sunday morning residents near the North Athens Substation on Hwy. 305 (Ingleside Avenue) heard a loud bang, and then power dipped and went out completely.

The first responding technician found that "a squirrel had got into a pole-top insulator on Old Niota Road near the substation, and when he met his split-second fate it burned and destroyed the wire that ties the insulator to the phase of conductor wire. When this happened, the phase of conductor fell across the cross arms on the top of the pole and went to ground. This caused high amperage faults and opened the substation breaker." 

The phase of conductor was destroyed, frayed and crews are having to make a new splice before tying the wire back into service.

Crews are working as quickly and safely as possible to respond to this unfortunate animal encounter.