Summer is here and so is the heat.

Here are some tips from Builtwell on how to keep your home cooler and your electric bill lower.

1. Never mow your grass with the clippings aimed at your AC unit — The debris creates a film on the unit that slows air flow, which makes the unit work harder, thus driving up energy consumption.

2. Check your AC unit for leaks — Jae has a really neat method for this, applying dish soap to a certain part on the unit (he can explain which one), and if it turns into bubbles, you have a leak.

3. Tint any windows that get direct sunlight — The untinted windows act as heaters on your house when the sun hits them directly, drastically increasing the temperature inside your house.

4. Turn your ceiling fans on backward — Every fan has a switch for this. It will pull cool air from the lower parts of your room upwards, thus cooling the entirety of your space...rather than blowing warm air from the top of your room downward where you are.

5. Fight "phantom heat" — If you have a room with lots of electrical cords being used, make sure the power strips feeding them are turned all the way off. Though your TV screens or computer monitors might be "off," power is still running through the wires, thus creating heat..."phantom heat."