Eight people believed to be tied to several storage unit burglaries in Bradley and Meigs Counties have been arrested.   

The suspects range in ages from 19 to 42-years-old. 

According to the Bradley County Sheriff's Office, victims began reporting the burglaries two months ago.

Investigators conducted numerous interviews, collected evidence including security camera video, and teamed up with detectives in Meigs County to tie it all together. 

"June 10th and 12th investigators with the sheriff's office joined in with Meigs County and that's when we started seeing what was going on," Sheriff Steve Lawson told Channel 3.

He says the suspects burglarized storage units near Georgetown Road in Cleveland.  

"They planned them out in a particular area and that's what they were hitting and I think that's what got them in trouble," the sheriff said.

The items stolen are estimated to be worth thousands of dollars.

"Power tools, hand tools, appliances, different things. We've recovered just a small amount and not sure we will recover much more," said Lawson.

The people authorities believe are responsible now face several charges. 

"Many of them had numerous charges from burglary to theft to vandalism to conspiracy to commit burglary--that means them planning burglaries as they go," Lawson explained.

Seven of the suspects have already been arraigned according to Sheriff Lawson.

The eighth suspect is in custody in Meigs County but is set to be transferred to Bradley County.