Residents in the Snow Hill Road community have been saying that the proposed new neighborhood would cause too much traffic. The traffic study done by Meyer Transportation Consultants confirms that traffic will increase by almost 1,000 cars a day if the neighborhood is built. 



The neighborhood is just down the street from Ooltewah High School. 


"I've worked at the Gray Dove for about three years now. I've seen LifeForce land here multiple times, it's just a really bad area of the road especially here in the corner where they're wanting to put one of the main entrances," said Courtney Nicholson. 

The traffic report said that Snow Hill Road has 7.88 crashes per mile per year. The 6400 block has had 14 crashes in 4 years with one fatality according to the study. The new development includes plans for 453 homes, which is what would cause the increase in traffic. 







Nicholson works at an event venue nearby said she even has to plan her work day around the traffic. 

"I do multiple tours throughout the week and I really try to think about what times we schedule those tours because we're crossing over the road," said Nicholson.

Channel 3 spoke to District 9 Commissioner Chester Bankston weeks ago about the rezoning. He told us that the developer can build the homes even without the rezoning of the land. 

"We know that he can build regardless, we're just trying to lower the number of homes he can put on that land obviously," said Nicholson.

She said the fewer homes the better. The study suggests creating a two way left turn lane to help ease congestion and increase safety. 

Channel 3 reached out to the developer Billy McCoy for comment and didn't her back from him. 

The vote for the rezoning takes place Wednesday June, 19th.