A fire that started late last night in Marion County is finally out. The fire was reported around 9:00pm CT when the restaurant was closing.

Multiple agencies were called out to assist with a fire at KFC, including one volunteer firefighter who was working at that Waffle House at the time the restaurant went up in flames.

It was supposed to be just another day for Erika Giddens. She went to work as a Waffle House server just before 9 Thursday night.

Giddens is also a volunteer firefighter for the City of New Hope. She was less than two minutes away from the KFC when it caught fire.

After the fire was out, she returned back to work. That's where she ran into her regular customer, Robert McLain.

“I'm down here every morning very early for coffee,” said Robert McLain. “It's always me, and a couple of friends.” McLain was one of the multiple community members who drove by to get one last look at what was the only KFC in Kimball.

“I care about what happens in Marion County,” said Robert McLain. “This is bad, but things do happen.”

Investigators are still trying to find what caused fire at the KFC.

Right now, it's not clear if the KFC will be rebuilt or not.