Officials at the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office say Narcan is being abused by people addicted to drugs. 

Narcan, the brand name from Naloxone, is the only drug that can bring people back from overdoses.

Detective Marty Dunn with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says deputies were equipped with Narcan about two years ago. 

He said the drug was supplied to save the lives of people who overdose, but now he said it's being abused. 

"The problem we run into is when we interview the individual that overdoses and we say 'This stuff is going to kill you. You're going to die if you keep using this product,' Dunn said. "And their excuse over and over and over again is of no concern to them because now we have Narcan."

He said some deputies have had to issue Narcan to the same person twice in one day. 

"That's very troubling because when you have a group out there that has an addiction issue, that make poor choices with the drugs they are putting in their body and they don't care about overdosing and the hurt it's going to cause their family," Dunn said. 

Dunn said it's a serious issue for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, the Hamilton County Coalition is willing to help. 

The group offers training where you can learn how to reverse an overdose.

The next class will be held on June 18th at 2 p.m.