It's back to the future for Bradley County schools. The PIE center, which stands for Partnerships in Industry & Education, is coming soon, and it will provide new opportunities for students. David Carroll has a preview in tonight's School Patrol report.

The future of career and technical education is on display at Bradley County Schools' newest learning center. The Partnerships in Industry & Education Innovation Center, known as the PIE center, features numerous community partners.

Director of  Schools Linda Cash said, "We have Wright Brothers, McKee, Massey Electric, Center for Sports Medicine, many different entities coming on to help."

The old American Uniform manufacturing plant is being transformed to include career and technical education programs, and provide space for companies to host internships and other hands-on experiences for students. The goal is give them a clear understanding of what a career may require.

Project manager Kyle Page said, "Right now we have kids who want to be veterinarians but they can't pass science. We want to know what their career is, and what we can do to help  them get there." 

There are seven options including career residency, heavy equipment and diesel mechanics, post-secondary education services, non profits, work based learning and commercial businesses, and STEM.

Director Cash says the PIE center wouldn't be possible without the help of the area legislative delegation, including State Senators Todd Gardenhire and Mike Bell, and State Representatives Mark Hall and Dan Howell, along with Governor Bill Lee.

County Commissioners are expected to make a final decision on funding during the next few weeks.