Chattanooga police say four people died of suspected drug overdoses in a 24-hour period this week and East Ridge police reported two overdoses in the last couple of days, with one resulting in a death.

Interim East Ridge Police Chief Stan Allen says enough is enough.

“It's hard to say why somebody would do that. It's such a waste and it's so preventable. It's hard,” Chief Allen said. “Anytime that we find drugs, we're making arrests.”

Chief Allen's team has worked two drug overdoses just days apart, but he says there have been more. The most recent happened on Tuesday on Mosley Circle. Allen says officers were able to save a life using Narcan. The second case was fatal.

“That is under investigation. We are going to pursue it as far as we can,” said Allen.

Allen says opioids have been the cause of many overdoses in the city, including the two recent cases. He says the challenge is pinpointing where the bad drugs are coming from.

“The people that are in possession with drugs aren't always cooperative on where they got them. It could be from anywhere,” Allen explained. “We're right on the border with Georgia, so it could be from there. And of course, we're surrounded on three sides by the city of Chattanooga.” 

Allen says his goal is to stop illicit drug sales in the city. He’s hoping the community will help.

If you have any information, you can call the East Ridge Police Department anonymously at 423-867-0016. You can also reach out Facebook.