Want to bring some joy into your life? Dance! In fact, research shows that dancing can improve your health by boosting your overall happiness.

Mike Rodier said dancing makes him happy. "Guys that can dance are chick magnets, Rodier said. Other people are more about how dance can help keep the body agile.

A low impact cardio workout like dance makes you more flexible, improves balance, strengthens bones and muscles, and can help ward off illnesses including dementia.

M.C. Callaghan has been teaching ballroom dancing since the early eighties and is passionate about how dance helps people stay sharp and social.

"You're always thinking, you're thinking of steps, you're thinking of timing, slows...quicks,” M.C. Callaghan said

Research shows it appears that when it comes to exercise, we release much more endorphins when we dance!

Dancing is contagious. Callaghan says it’s hard to just stand around when everyone is having such a good time.

If you enjoy dancing then you know what it can do for you. If not, try it.

Think what it can do for your health, and maybe even your social life.

And it is good for the heart in more ways than one.